Consumer price index Bonaire from 1973

Since January 2011, Statistics Netherlands has been responsible for the statistical programme of the Caribbean Netherlands. Part of this work involves calculating and publishing consumer price indices for Bonaire, St Eustatius and Saba from the first quarter of 2010. A new series of consumer price indices was initiated for all three islands with 2010=100 as base year. Every quarter inflation rates are calculated using these series, starting from the first quarter of 2011.

Before 2010, the Central Bureau of Statistics for the Netherlands Antilles (CBS-NA) calculated price indices for Bonaire. These index series were started in 1973 and ran to 2010. The last published series was based on October  2010=100.

These older index numbers for Bonaire, computed by CBS-NA, have been chained to the index series “CPI Bonaire 2010=100”, published by Statistics Netherlands. The CBS-NA indices were rescaled to the year average 2010=100. In this way, a long series of index numbers has been created, starting in 1973. This long series can be used to compare index numbers with each other from 1973 onwards.