Extending the Materials Monitor with Water

Statistics Netherlands has compiled statistics on water for years in its environmental statistics and its environmental accounts e.g. on water consumption, water extraction and the production and treatment of wastewater. The water statistics and water accounts publish these figures in standardised formats. These figures form the basis for the extension of the Materials Monitor with the dimension water. This paper describes the extension of the materials monitor with water.
This paper describes the flows in Physical Supply and Use Tables on Water (PSUT). Three main flows can be distinguished within the physical SUT Water (‘from the environment to the economy’, ‘within the economy’ and ‘from the economy to the environment’). The tables describe the exchange of water between the environment and the economy, both the abstraction from the environment as the ‘return flows’ including losses flowing back to the environment, and the exchange of water between the sectors within the economy. The flows are shown in accompanying tables on the website (in Dutch), above mentioned items in the columns of the extensive tables, the rows show the industries (sectors) present in Dutch National Accounts, together with households, imports, exports and the environment.