Seven out of ten Caribbean Netherlands inhabitants regularly online

Three-quarters of households in the Caribbean Netherlands had internet access at home in 2013. Of the people who had used internet in the three months prior to the study, 86 percent went online(almost) daily. Internet use is  highest among young people and people with a higher level of education. Most people used it for email, social media and telephony.

More internet users on Saba

In 2013, 75 percent of households in the Caribbean Netherlands had an internet connection. Seventy percent of the islands’ population aged 15 and over had used the internet in the three months prior to the survey of whom 86 percent daily or nearly daily. Young  and higher educated people  used  the internet more than older people and those with lower education levels. Internet use was higher on Saba than on St Eustatius: the university institute (Saba University) on Saba means that relatively many young and higher educated people live there.

Internet use, 2013


Most internet users online almost daily

Compared with the Caribbean  Netherlands,  more people in the European part of the Netherlands used the internet in the three months preceding the survey:: 70 percent vs. 89 percent. Almost nine out of ten of both Caribbean and European internet users were online almost daily, and one in ten weekly.

Internet use in Caribbean Netherlands and European Netherlands, 2013


Especially email, social media and telephony

Caribbean Netherlands inhabitants used the internet mostly for communication and entertainment. Eight out of ten internet users use it for email, and  most of them also use social media (e.g. Facebook and Twitter), and internet phone services. Furthermore, messaging and downloading games, films or music are also common activities. Relatively more people on Saba carried out these internet activities than on the other two islands. Internet users there also shop more online (60 percent) than on Bonaire (30 percent) and St Eustatius (44 percent).
Caribbean Netherlands inhabitants aged between 15 and 25 years were more likely to  use text messaging services and play games, and download movies and music than those over 25.

Internet activities inthe preceding three months, 2013