From unemployment benefit to a permanent job? People who stopped receiving unemployment benefit in 2006, by labour market dynamics in 2006-2008 (Dutch only)

Paper and Erratum

The results in this report are part of a study on people who start and stop claiming unemployment benefit. Data on new claimants of unemployment benefit and their labour market histories were published in March 2010, and earlier custom-made tables in July and December 2009. This report contains figures on people who stopped receiving unemployment benefit in 2006. It examines the labour market position of these people at the time they stopped receiving the benefit. Did they get a job; was this a permanent or a flexible job, for a pre-determined or indefinite term; did they stay in employment, or did they become dependent on unemployment benefit again or on another benefit within two years? The figures were compiled by Statistics Netherlands’ Centre for Policy Related Statistics, at the request of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. As a supplement to the report, a number of extra breakdowns have been compiled as custom-made tables. These are available on request.