Income distribution in the Netherlands

The infographic shows how incomes are distributed across households in the Netherlands. In the graph, income categories are given on the horizontal axis, and the number of households per income category on the vertical axis.

You can choose between two types of income: spendable income (the amount a household has available to spend per year), and standardised income (spendable income adjusted for the size and composition of the household; also called purchasing power).

The light blue area in the graph shows the income distribution for all households. Using the selection menus on the right-hand side, you can select a group of households, for example households that depend mainly on income from pension. The income distribution of this group is shown in dark blue. This shows the income distribution of the selected group as a share of the income distribution of all households.

You can select a certain amount of income by moving the pointer at the bottom of the graph; this generates a vertical line in the graph. The text box in the top right-hand corner of the graph shows the percentage of households with an income higher than the amount selected with the pointer. You can use the pointer to show the position of your own household in the income distribution, for example.

The range of the income distribution is from -6 thousand to 100 thousand euro. Households with an income lower or higher than these values are not show in the graph. They are included in the calculations however, such as the percentage of households with an income that is higher than a certain amount.