Consumption up sharply in April

Dutch households spent substantially more in April. Compared with April last year, household consumption was 3.8 percent higher, according to figures from Statistics Netherlands. Consumers spent a lot more not only on durable goods, but also on food, drink and tobacco.

More spent on durables and food

Households spent 8.7 percent more on durable goods in April 2006 than in April 2005. They bought more clothes, furniture and consumer electronics in particular. Spending on cars was lower than twelve months previously however. Purchases of durable goods are very sensitive to the economic climate.

Consumption growth for food, drink and tobacco, was also high. Compared with April last year, households spent 5.1 percent more on these goods.

Modest growth for spending on services  

Spending on services grew by less than spending on goods. Compared with April 2005, households spent 1.2 percent more on services.