Personal Inflation Calculator

Every month, CBS publishes the inflation rate according to the consumer price index (CPI). This figure shows the price development of a basket of goods and services that represents the average consumption pattern of Dutch residents. However, the average Dutch resident does not exist, and there is probably no one who consumes exactly this average basket of goods and services. What would the inflation rate look like if it were based on your own spending pattern?

With the personal inflation calculator, you can broadly specify your consumption pattern to get an indication of the average annual price development that corresponds to your personal basket. The personal inflation rate is calculated using the same price indices as the official inflation rate according to the CPI. The only difference is that the various expenditure categories have a different weighting.

1. Monthly spending on:
2. Annual spending on:
3. Spending in the last five years on:
4. Value amounts:
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Enter the average amount spent by you or your household in the boxes (all amounts should refer to the same number of people). There are four components:

  • Spending usually occurring every month;
  • Spending not usually occurring every month. For these amounts you are asked to estimate an annual amount;
  • Spending that occurs even less frequently. For these amounts you are asked to estimate an amount for five years;
  • Ownership of cars and homes. For cars you are asked to enter the purchase price and expected years of use; for a home you are asked to enter the value according to the WOZ (Real Estate Appraisal Act).

Due to the coronavirus crisis, the weighting scheme of the consumer price index changed significantly in 2021 compared to previous years. The personal inflation rate estimate may therefore be less accurate for certain spending profiles. This may occur in particular for profiles with spending in expenditure categories of which the weighting declined sharply in 2021, and where there is also a strong seasonal pattern. This includes international flights and package holidays, among other items.

In order to continue making estimates as accurately as possible, expenditure in these spending categories has now been included in the item 'Other spending (per month)'. The distorting effect of the 2021 weighting change on the estimate is limited by this adjustment for most expenditure profiles. The personal spending profile can be filled in with less detail than in previous versions of the personal inflation calculator, where there were separate entries for international flights and package holidays.

No rights can be derived from the results of the personal inflation calculator. CBS does not accept any liability for possible errors in the software used for the calculation.