Population counter

The Heerlen office of Statistics Netherlands, with a sign in the foregrond displaying it's logo and the full dutch name in text: Centraal Bureau voor de Statisitiek.

How many people live in the Netherlands?

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Realtime forecast
Source: CBS

The population counter shows the current estimated number of inhabitants in the Netherlands. This calculation is based on statistical data from the past as well as monthly birth, mortality and migration patterns. More details on the population counter can be found here: What exactly is the population counter?

What about the size of the Dutch population in the future?

Over the coming decades, the Dutch population is projected to grow continuously, to 20.7 million inhabitants by the year 2070. The 18 millionth inhabitant is expected to arrive in 2024; the 19 millionth in 2037. The population is growing mainly due to migration and increased longevity. By 2040, a quarter of the population will be 65 or older.

The CBS forecast is subject to many uncertainties. For example, migration fluctuates widely from one year to the next. Furthermore, it is uncertain whether the average life span will continue to rise at the same pace and whether Dutch people will retain their preference for having two children. In all likelihood, the population will be between 17.6 and 22.3 million by 2070.