Elderly people

How many elderly are there in the Netherlands?

On 1 January , the Netherlands had inhabitants aged 65 years and over. This represents percent of the population. Population ageing in the Netherlands has increased: in 1990, the proportion of residents aged 65 or older was still 12.8 percent.

Age Total Men Women

There are people aged 65 to 79 years, and aged 80 and over.

On average, women get older than men. That is why they are overrepresented in the highest age categories. For example, there are women and men aged 90 and over. These disparities are also clearly visible in the population pyramid.

In which municipalities do many elderly live?

The percentage of elderly people varies greatly between municipalities. In , was the fastest ageing municipality with percent of its residents over the age of 65, and the slowest ageing municipality with percent. Municipalities age when young people move away, for example for work or education. This not only leads to more elderly people, but also to fewer children being born. This reinforces population ageing.

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How many centenarians are there?

Ageing in the Netherlands