Areas of Sustainability

The ‘Areas of sustainability’ infographic shows the development of sustainable development indicators for 14 policy areas distinguished in the Sustainability Monitor 2017 (click on the policy areas in the middle column to see the indicators).

On the left, developments in the Netherlands since 2000 are shown for each individual indicator (long-term trend). Coloured arrows indicate whether the trend is increasing or decreasing, where the colour indicates its effect from a sustainability point of view (green positive, yellow neutral, red negative). The position of the Netherlands compared with other EU countries is presented on the right-hand side (green: the Netherlands is in the top third of countries compared; red: bottom third of the ranking; yellow: middle third. Grey means no international comparison is available.).

Definitions of the indicators used for the trend in the Netherlands may differ from those used for the international comparison. All the data are included in excel-tables below the visualisation. For more detailed information about the indicators used, see also the Annex in the Sustainability monitor of the Netherlands 2014.