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9 results for keyword:car users

Nearly 8 in 10 drivers sometimes deliberately leave their car at home

In 2020, 78 percent of Dutch car drivers aged 18 and over said they sometimes deliberately left their car at home.


610 traffic deaths in 2020

In 2020, traffic accidents killed a total of 610 people in the Netherlands.


Decline in road fatalities larger among motorists than cyclists

The number of traffic deaths has decreased more sharply among motorists than among cyclists over the past two decades.


Car fleet growing faster than population

In January 2020 the passenger car fleet in the Netherlands stood at almost 8.7 million; this represented a faster growth rate than of the population aged 18 and over.


Population; sex, age and marital status, 1 January; 1950-2019

Population in The Netherlands by sex, age and marital status, 1 January


80 percent of adults have a driving licence

Nearly 80 percent of the Dutch population aged 17 and over hold a valid car driving licence. At the start of 2019, just under 11.2 million people were holding a Dutch passenger car licence category...


Similar development of public transport and car costs

Price developments in public transport were virtually on a par with developments in car costs between 2009 and November 2018. In this period, the cost of both types of transport rose more rapidly...


Towards motives behind mobility

Innovative product: Towards motives behind mobility