Internationalisation Monitor 2022, fourth quarter – Productivity

In this edition of the Internationalisation Monitor, we relate recalibrated productivity estimates (multifactor productivity) to internationalisation, innovation and business dynamics.
Productivity is one of the most important factors for economic success and wealth. The more productive firms are in a country, the more value they can add to the economy. In this Internationalisation Monitor, productivity is not only considered at the macro level, but also at sector and firm level. This provides a wealth of additional information, such as where productivity growth in the Netherlands comes from and how it develops over time. In addition, we place the productivity developments in a perspective of globalisation: what are the differences between trading and non-trading firms and multinationals versus non-MNEs? And does international trade increase productivity?

Productivity can be measured in different ways. The two most common measures are labour productivity and multifactor productivity. In this Internationalisation Monitor we use both measures at macro, industry and firm level.

The Internationalisation Monitor describes trends in internationalisation and their consequences for the Dutch economy and society. It is published three times a year as part of CBS’ Globalisation development and publication programme, which is commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The aim of the research programme on Globalisation is to arrive at new insights in the field of globalisation in order to contribute to practices, policymaking and science. At the core of this approach is the integration of a wide range of sources and already available microdata, combined with the application of advanced statistical methods such as I/O analysis. The ensuing results, i.e. newly developed statistics and accompanying analyses, are published in the Internationalisation Monitor.