Asylum and integration 2021

Cohort study on asylum migrants who arrived in the Netherlands between 2014 and July 2020 or obtained an asylum residence permit, with figures on family reunification, housing, civic integration, education, employment, benefit dependency, health care utilisation, income and crime.

This research was commissioned by the Dutch Ministries of Social Affairs and Employment, Justice and Security, Education, Culture and Science and Health, Welfare and Sport.

This publication consists of a web publication which describes the results (with a summary in English) and an interactive dashboard (in Dutch only). The study comprises updates and extension of earlier publications, namely ‘Asylum and integration 2020’ (with a summary in English, April 2020) ‘Asylum and integration 2019’ (with a summary in English, April 2019) and Out of the starting blocks cohort study on asylum migrants (April 2018).