The Netherlands on the European scale 2016

In the publication The Netherlands on the European Scale (pdf), Statistics Netherlands (CBS) shows how the Netherlands is performing in relation to the other 27 EU member states. In which areas do we excel? Where are we lagging behind and where are we performing ‘average’ as an EU member state? As it turns out, the Dutch are the happiest people in Europe. And they tend to have more confidence in their fellow citizens than all other Europeans. The Netherlands is also among the wealthiest countries in Europe, although economic growth was below the average across the EU in 2014. In two areas the Netherlands is performing poorly on the European scale: it has the lowest number of science graduates and it is also performing poorly with respect to the share of renewable sources in energy supply. In 21 captivating chapters, the reader will find a lot of information about happiness, female science students, greenhouse gases, tourism, youth unemployment, poverty, health care, asylum requests and a variety of other subjects.

Cover The Netherlands on the European Scale 2016