Internationalisation Monitor 2010

The ongoing process of globalisation has instigated animated debates among academics, policymakers and the public at large. Questions are asked not only with respect to the trends in globalisation, but especially regarding its effects for the Netherlands in terms of economic growth, employment and sustainability.  To help answer these questions, this third edition of the Internationalisation Monitor presents a connected and coherent set of newly-developed statistics and indicators on the various economic, technological and social dimensions of globalisation. 

In a series of clearly annotated tables and descriptions of the main internationalisation trends, the Internationalisation Monitor 2010 examines developments in the area of international trade and activities of national and multinational enterprises, particularly in light of the recent economic downturn. In addition, a set of focused analytical chapters provides in-depth analyses of international trade in goods and services and the economic, employment and innovation characteristics of companies engaged in exports and imports. A Duch summary is available in PDF only.