Labour Force Survey Caribbean Netherlands

Are you in paid employment? Are you retired? Are you taking a training course? You do not have a job? Or are you perhaps doing volunteer work? These kinds of questions are covered in the Labour Force Survey Caribbean Netherlands. A survey which is conducted once every two years on Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba. The results of the survey provide essential information for, among others, the Central Government and other public organisations in the islands. 

How do I participate?

Did you receive an invitation to participate in this survey? An employee of Statistics Netherlands (CBS) will visit you at your home to complete the questionnaire together with you. Do you first want to know more? Then please read on. 

Why this survey?

We use this survey to collect statistics on, among others, employment, the employed labour force, unemployment and the level of education on Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba. These statistics are essential for making policy on the islands. Local governments can use these statistics but also for instance ministries such as Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid (Social Affairs and Employment) and Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap (Education, Culture and Science). 

Why have I been selected?

The CBS selected a number of random addresses and we invite the persons aged 15 years and older living at these addresses to participate. The addresses of the persons whom we invited are spread across all islands. Not all households can be involved in this survey. Therefore your participation is very important: you represent a large number of other people living on your island.

Your data are safe

The CBS handles your data with care. Your personal data will be separated from your responses. Please refer to the web page Privacy for information on how we handle your data.


Do you want to contact the CBS? Feel free to call our office on Bonaire. The telephone number is +599 717 8676. We can be reached Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 17:00 hours. You can also send an e-mail to

A CBS employee at the door?

Did you receive a visit from a CBS employee? Then click on Home Visits Caribbean Netherlands.

Two construction workers pave a road on Bonaire
© Michele Groen van MG Fotografie

Investigashon di forsa laboral Hulanda Karibense

Bo tin trabou pagá? Bo ta ku penshun? Bo ta sigui un estudio? Bo no tin trabou? Òf kisas bo ta hasi trabou boluntario?

E tipo di preguntanan aki ta bin dilanti den e Investigashon di forsa laboral Hulanda Karibense. Un investigashon ku nos ta hasi un bia den dos aña na Boneiru, Sint Eustatius i Saba. E resultadonan di esaki ta suministrá informashon indispensabel pa entre otro Gobièrnu Sentral i otro organisashonnan di gobièrnu riba e islanan. 

Kon mi ta partisipá?

Bo a risibí un invitashon pa partisipá na e investigashon akí? Un kolaboradó di CBS ta bishitá bo na kas pa huntu yena e kuestionario.
Bo kier sa mas promé? Sigui lesa e ora ei.

Dikon ta hasi e investigashon aki?

Ku e investigashon aki nos ta kolektá sifranan tokante entre otro empleo, e poblashon aktivo, desempleo i e nivel di enseñansa na Boneiru, Sint Eustatius i Saba. E sifranan aki ta indispensabel pa formulá maneho riba e islanan. Gobièrnunan lokal por usa e sifranan aki, pero por ehèmpel ministerionan tambe manera Asuntunan Sosial i Empleo òf Enseñansa, Kultura i Siensia.

Dikon a skohe ami?

CBS a skohe arbitrariamente un kantidat di adrès di kua nos ta invitá e habitantenan di 15 aña i mas pa partisipá. E adrèsnan di e personanan ku nos invitá ta plamá riba kada isla. No por embolbí tur kas di famia den e investigashon. Bo partisipashon pa e motibu ei ta hopi importante: bo ta representá un gran kantidat di persona di bo isla.

Bo datonan ta seif

CBS ta atendé kouteloso ku bo datonan. Ta separá bo datonan personal for di bo kontestanan. Kon nos ta anda ku bo datonan bo por lesa riba e página di wèp: Privacy.


Bo kier tuma kontakto ku CBS? Yama nos ofisina na Boneiru libremente. E number di telefon ta +599 717 8676. Nos ta alkansabel di djaluna te ku djabièrnè entre 8or i 5or. Bo por manda un meil tambe pa

Un kolaboradó di CBS na porta?

Bo a risibí bishita di un kolaboradó di CBS? Bo ke sa kon esaki ta bai durante e krísis di corona? Klek e ora ei riba Caribisch Nederland huisbezoek