Mijn CBS: how does it work?

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CBS is developing a new and conveniently arranged portal for enterprises, called ‘Mijn CBS’. In Mijn CBS, you can view (outstanding) questionnaires, immediately submit the requested data, and easily change your contact details. You will also find statistical information about your particular industry in Mijn CBS.

Have you been invited to submit data via Mijn CBS? This web page explains how it is done.

Information in Dutch
To read the information in Dutch, click here: Mijn CBS Nederlands.

Log in on My CBS

You can log in to Mijn CBS for your company or organisation in two ways: using eHerkenning or using the login details from the letter or email you received from CBS. If you log in using eHerkenning, you will gain access to the complete portal. If you log in using login details from the letter, you will only be able to submit data for one particular survey without gaining the overview of all your surveys.

Are you looking for specific information?

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Log in with eHerkenning

Log in with login details from the letter

Submit data

Functionalities of Mijn CBS


Log in with eHerkenning

What is eHerkenning?

EHerkenning is a secure, user-specific login tool to perform a login at over 500 different service providers. Apart from CBS these include, for example, the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV), municipalities, the Tax Administration of the Netherlands (Belastingdienst) and insurance companies. More and more (public) organisations request users to log in with eHerkenning. For more information, please visit the eHerkenning website.

How to apply for eHerkenning and arrange authorisations

To use Mijn CBS, you need eHerkenning level of assurance EH3 or higher:

  • Do you already have EH3 (or higher)? Then all you need are the right authorisations to log in on Mijn CBS. Go directly to step 3 below and read on.
  • Do you already have EH3 (or higher) and have you also been authorised to use all services from all organisations? Then you can log in on Mijn CBS rightaway. Go directly to step 4 below and read on.
  • If you do not have eHerkenning yet, please perform the steps listed below.

Step 1: Determine who has which role within your organisation
The authorised signatory / legal representative (the Director) can apply for eHerkenning on behalf of one or multiple employees within the organisation.

In large organisations, the authorised signatory may appoint an authorisation manager (if required). Just as the authorised signatory, the authorisation manager can apply for authorisations and communicate administrative changes for all persons within that organisation. For example, the authorisation manager ensures that employee A can submit data for CBS surveys and that employee B can arrange matters with the Tax Administration or another organisation.

The administrators are the employees who submit data for CBS surveys. They have access to the complete portal and to all CBS surveys.

Step 2: Apply for eHerkenning
You can apply for eHerkenning from one of the suppliers approved by the Dutch central government. For more information, please visit the eHerkenning website. There you will find a clear step-by-step plan and video. In addition, you will find a list of suppliers and a description of the differences between them.

Step 3: Arrange authorisations
EHerkenning is user-specific and every person receives his or her own eHerkenning tool with accompanying authorisations. For Mijn CBS, you must authorise the administrator(s) to use the Mijn CBS Beheerder service.

If you submit an email address while applying for Mijn CBS, please choose a business and person-specific email address.

Step 4: Log in with eHerkenning
Has your organisation applied for eHerkenning and are you authorised to use the Mijn CBS Beheerder service? Then you can log in on Mijn CBS with eHerkenning:

  1. Go to https://mijn.cbs.nl and log in with your user-specific eHerkenning tool.
  2. Was your email address included in the application for eHerkenning? Then log in using that same email address.
  3. You will now see the complete portal with an overview of all CBS surveys for your organisation.

Log in with login details from the letter or email

If you do not want or know how to log in with eHerkenning, it is also possible to log in with login details provided in the letter or email from CBS. Please note: you will not have an overview of all (outstanding) questionnaires and will also be unable to use any of the other functionalities of Mijn CBS.

  1. Go to https://mijn.cbs.nl and log in with the login details from the letter.
  2. Enter the user name and password stated in the letter. Do you no longer have the login details? Request new login details via the web form Request login codes.
  3. After the login, a portal appears with only the survey for which you have been invited

 Submit data

If you log in with eHerkenning, you will see the complete portal. You will have an overview of all your (outstanding) questionnaires and you can directly submit data for one of the surveys.

If you use the login details from the letter or email, a portal appears with only the survey for which you were invited. You can directly submit data by clicking on the survey.

Functionalities of Mijn CBS

If you log in on Mijn CBS with eHerkenning, you will immediately see a few icons:

  • My surveys: Here, you will find an overview of all your (current) CBS survey questionnaires. Please select the surveys you want displayed. For example, you can choose to display only the surveys for one particular department in your company. Or you can select only those surveys for which you still need to submit data.

    If you click on ‘More information’ under one of the surveys, you can see a brief survey description, read special information, and learn how to submit data. You can also settle some matters directly. For example, change the contact person or the correspondence address, or approach CBS directly with a question.
  • Statistical information: This dashboard shows the latest statistical information on enterprises in the Netherlands. For example, information the enterprise population by industry and by region as well as turnover figures. Here you will also find the latest survey results on expected turnover, employment, and investments.

  • Contact: Get in touch with CBS easily and quickly via this page. You can fill out a web form or contact us by phone. If you fill out a web form, we immediately have all the information we need to help you as quickly as possible.

    Go to ‘My surveys’ to directly settle matters online relating to a specific survey (request a postponement, change a contact person, report a change of address, ask a question, request login codes and download an authorisation form for your accountant). We have filled in your reference number for you in advance.

If you log in with login details from the letter or email, you will not see an overview of your surveys, but only the survey for which you are logged in. You will see and change contact details for that particular survey only. In addition, you have access to the Statistical information dashboard.


Go to: CBS Contactcenter. This web page lists all the different contact options.
The contact page can also be found within Mijn CBS. If you log in with eHerkenning, we will partially fill in the web forms for you. This saves you time.