Reporting a change of address


CBS collects data for over 100 surveys on subjects such as the use of IT by businesses, investments and road transport. If your correspondence address is the same for all CBS surveys, you can change it for all our surveys at the same time.

You may only change your correspondence address. CBS receives physical/visiting address details from the Chamber of Commerce. Please note: Changing for short duration (e.g. due to holidays) is not possible.

Please note: Short-term changes (for example due to holidays) are not possible.

Enter your full correspondence number here without spaces. The correspondence number consists of 9 digits. For example: 001234567

Fill in the company name as registered by the Chamber of Commerce (KvK). You are not allowed to change your company name. We need this for verification purposes.

For which survey is the change of address needed?:

Enter the details of your new correspondence address below.

i This may be a further specification of your company name. We will state these details below the company name (as known to KvK) in all future correspondence.

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Upon verification, we will apply the changes to the contact details registered with us.