What should I do if I do not agree with the fine or the order subject to a penalty? The legal procedure.

Making your point of view known to the Enforcement Agency of CBS:

If you have received the letter of intent, you can indicate why you have not complied with the obligation by submitting your point of view. You can submit this point of view by e-mailing or telephoning an employee of the enforcement agency of CBS. You are not obliged to submit a point of view.

Lodging and objection to the Director General of Statistics:

If you have received the decision imposing a fine or order subject to a penalty, you may lodge an objection with the Director General of Statistics within six weeks of the decision being sent. Our leaflet on objections (Dutch only) covers some common grounds for objection and requests for leniency. We advise that you read this information carefully before submitting an objection or request for leniency.

You may also lodge an objection with the Director General of Statistics against the decision to collect the judicially imposed penalty (the request for payment) within six weeks of its dispatch. However, this objection must be limited to the amount of the judicially imposed penalty and may no longer relate to the origins of the violation.

Following your objection, the Director General of Statistics will assess his decision after the Objections Advisory Committee has advised him on the matter. You can then also be heard (in person or by telephone by the Objections Advisory Committee).

Such an objection is subject to a number of requirements. For an overview of these requirements and for submitting an objection, we refer you to the page Lodging an objection (Dutvh only).

Judicial appeal:

If the Director General of Statistics has made a decision on an objection and you do not agree with it, you can appeal within six weeks to the court (administrative-law sector of the district court where your company has its seat).

Lodging an appeal with the Council of State:

If you do not agree with the court's decision, you can finally appeal to the Council of State, Administrative Law Division in The Hague.

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