How are the levels of the sanctions determined?

The level of the sanctions is determined on the basis of the CBS Enforcement fee table (Dutch only). Sanctions must be proportionate under administrative law. For this reason, the extent, nature and severity of the violation are decisive for the level of the sanction to be imposed. The level of the sanction is determined on the basis of the size of your company, whether it concerns monthly, quarterly or annual statistics and, in case of an order subject to penalty, the manner in which your company has responded.

The reason why the size of your company is taken into account when choosing a penalty level is that companies have a different capacity to pay. CBS wants to take this into account. The tariff table explains how the size class of a company is determined.

In the rate table, a distinction is made between the first and the second fine to be imposed. This has to do with the fact that the administrative fine is a sanction that is not imposed conditionally; the administrative fine must be paid. In order not to burden you immediately with the highest possible fine, it has been decided to divide the administrative fine into a first and a second violation.