Price index Residential property Bonaire

What is the survey about?


To show price developments on the housing market on the island of Bonaire.

Target population

Dwellings on Bonaire.

Statistical unit


Year the survey started

The price index is available for the period 2011-2015. These data were published on 29 February 2016.


As yet, this is a one-off survey.

Publication strategy

The status of the figures is final.

How is the survey conducted?

Type of survey

The source for the price index figures is the registration of house sales in the period mentioned above. This registration provides data on sales of new and existing dwellings, whether purchased or sold by a private individual, a commercial party or otherwise.

Survey method

Statistics Netherlands receives the data in a digital format.


The relevant data are obtained from the Tax Authority of the Caribbean Netherlands. Primary transaction data, such as purchase date and amount involved are based on Bonaire’s Land Registry Office. Additional features of the dwelling are provided by the administration of the Tax Authority.

Sample size

On an annual basis, more than 150 dwellings are sold on Bonaire. All these transactions are covered by the survey.

Control and correction methods

After receipt, Statistics Netherlands will check completeness and plausibility of the data. Data which appear to be incorrect or incomplete are verified. Some transactions with a disproportionate effect on the results are excluded from the index calculation.


Not applicable.

Quality of the results


The accuracy of the price index is safeguarded by complete (integral) observation, by observation over a longer time period and by the calculation method, but the degree of accuracy cannot be calculated.

Sequential comparability

The survey results are comparable in time.

Description quality strategy

Data are checked for internal consistency and completeness. Wherever necessary, action is taken to verify data. Subsequently, price indices are calculated and the results are verified and validated. Validation of the calculation method and results are not done by the same person who carried out the calculations.