The Netherlands on the European scale 2019

The Netherlands on the European scale 2019 with facts and figures on the Netherlands in comparison with the rest of the EU.

Trends in the Netherlands 2016
The Netherlands on the European scale 2016

From January to July 2016, the Netherlands is to hold the presidency of the Council of Europe. To mark this occasion, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) has published The Netherlands on the European Scale 2016. This publication shows how the Netherlands is performing in relation to the other EU member states. In which areas are we top of the class? Where are we lagging behind and where are we ‘an average member state’?

Trends in the Netherlands 2015
Food for thought

Food for thought comprises a selection of facts and figures about food. Which foodstuffs are produced in the Netherlands, and which have to be imported? How much milk does an average Dutch cow produce? Where do the Dutch buy their food: in supermarkets alone, or also from baker’s and butcher’s shops and market stalls? Does a loaf of bread cost more than ten years ago? Or less? Will the demand for organic products continue to grow? And: are more women overweight than men? These questions and many more are examined in this unique overview of food and health in the Netherlands.

Standardised calculation methods for animal manure and nutrients

From 1990 onwards, the production of livestock manure and minerals is annually calculated according to standardised calculation methods developed by a collaboration of different institutes. This report provides an integrated overview of calculation methods and starting points that have been applied in the period 1990-2008.