Unique collaboration for big data research

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With the Center for Big Data Statistics (CBDS), Statistics Netherlands (CBS) creates space for a unique type of collaboration in the field of big data. National and international parties from government, industry, science and education work together within the CBDS to develop big data technologies and methods for the production of statistics.

Through this collaboration in a spirit of open innovation, CBS expects to arrive at new insights and products. Knowledge, data and infrastructures are shared in order to created added value; always taking into account mutual interests, of course.

Big data offers the potential to increase speed, accuracy and level of detail in statistics production at lower costs and requiring less administrative effort. Many organisations are currently investing in big data technology; but producing statistics based on such technology is not as straightforward as one might expect. Safeguarding the quality is another issue with elevated complexity. Hence, collaboration is paramount in order to achieve returns on the investments made.

The CBDS will strive to make statistical output more timely, produce new statistics and add more depth to existing statistics, e.g. on a regional or sectoral level. In this way, policy support is enhanced while efficiency is boosted through automated integration of data sources and flows.

CBDS offers a large variety in projects in consultation with its partners. These include information mapping on economic growth security, health, labour market, sustainable development goals, etc.
All CBDS projects are published on the CBS Innovation page where users of the data can also provide feedback.

For more information, please contact the CBDS Programme