Employment in vehicle exports down by more than 20 percent

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The Dutch motor vehicle industry generated a total of 42.5 thousand full-time jobs in the Dutch economy in 2022 due to exports. That was 22 percent fewer jobs than in the peak year of 2018. This decrease was experienced solely in sectors that supply the industry, such as employment agencies. Earnings from motor vehicle exports accounted for 0.5 percent of Dutch gross domestic product (GDP) in 2022. In 2018, that proportion was 0.7 percent. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports this on the basis of new figures.

Jobs generated by motor vehicle exports
JaarMotor vehicle industry (direct employment) (1 000 FTE)Supplying sectors (indirect employment) (1 000 FTE)
*provisional figures

The total number of jobs generated by exports in the Dutch motor vehicle industry peaked in 2018 at over 54.4 thousand full-time jobs. In 2022, the number of jobs was 11.9 thousand lower (FTE). Job numbers declined the most in sectors supplying the industry, and fell by 3.7 thousand (FTE) in temporary employment agencies and job placement services. Employment within the motor vehicle industry itself remained virtually unchanged.

The motor vehicle industry is particularly reliant on exports, and some 86 percent of jobs in the industry depend on exports. For the Dutch economy as a whole that figure is just 31 percent.

Majority of employees in the motor vehicle industry are in permanent employment

In 2021, over half (54 percent) of the weekly hours worked on exports in the Dutch motor vehicle industry were in sectors that supply the industry (indirect employment) and 46 percent were within the motor vehicle industry itself (direct employment).

Employees with a permanent employment contract worked around 70 percent of the weekly hours worked. Workers on temporary or fixed-term employment contracts mainly worked in sectors that supply the industry. Self-employed persons are employed solely in sectors that supply the industry.

When it comes to exports from the motor vehicle industry, technical jobs played the most important role, at 44 percent of hours worked. Next were administrative jobs (19 percent) and commercial jobs (10 percent).

Hours worked due to exports by the motor vehicle industry, 2021*
 Permanent employment (x 1,000 hours worked)Flexible employment (x 1,000 hours worked)Self-employed (x 1,000 hours worked)
Motor vehicle industry5081270
Supplying sectors (indirect employment)453157130
*provisional figures

Export earnings on the same downward trajectory as employment

In 2022, the Netherlands earned 4.4 billion euros from vehicle exports, representing a drop of 846 million euros from the peak year. While direct export earnings in the industry declined by 9 percent, the largest decline of 23 percent was seen in supplying sectors (indirect export earnings).

Exports by the motor vehicle industry peaked in 2018 at a total value of 12.6 billion euros. That figure was 20 percent lower in 2022.

Earnings from exports, motor vehicle industry
JaartalMotor vehicle industry (direct employment) (bn euro)Supplying sectors (indirect employment) (bn euro)
*provisional figures