Tourism expenditure

Tourists are travellers who are outside their normal environment. In addition, the main purpose of the trip may not be an activity that is paid for from the location visited.

Tourism expenditure can be defined as ‘total spending by tourists or for the benefit of tourists before, during and after the trip and stay at the place of destination’.

Spending by foreign tourists comprises tourist spending by non-residents at Dutch businesses. Aside from spending by foreigners travelling to the Netherlands, this also includes spending by non-residents who travel to a country other than the Netherlands but do spend money at Dutch businesses or service providers. Examples include online bookings of hotels and flights with a Dutch company.

Durable recreational goods are those durable goods that are mainly used for recreational purposes (such as caravans, camping gear and sports equipment). These can be used repeatedly and can therefore not be unequivocally assigned to one type of tourist or tourism.