Road traffic fatalities

Road user who dies as a result of a suddenly occurring incident on a public road on Dutch territory which is related to traffic, in which at least one moving vehicle was involved. The victim dies within 30 days after the traffic accident. A deceased person is not counted as a traffic death if:
• the accident occurs at a location which is closed to public road traffic and other traffic;
• the accident occurs on a part of a train or tramway track, which is not part of the public road and can only be used by trains or trams;
• the victim dies after 30 or more days following the accident;
• the victim was previously classified as a murder or suicide victim.
• the victim has shown no sign of life at the time of birth, regardless of the gestational age (stillbirth).

Of the 737 traffic deaths in 2022, 30 persons were not registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP). These were mainly non-residents who participated in traffic for work or holidays in the Netherlands.

For the year 2022, the calculation of annual traffic accident mortality in the Netherlands is based on data from two sources: medical cause-of-death certificates completed by an examining physician (forensic doctor) and dossiers at district public prosecutor’s offices. At the time of this publication, the third source used by CBS to determine the definitive number of road fatalities, namely data of Rijkswaterstaat extracted from police accident reports, was not yet available. The figures in this publication are provisional. This means that minor changes may still occur when they are finalised. After the data from the third source have also been processed, CBS will publish the final figures.

The results of this integrative approach of traffic accident mortality are available from the 1996 calendar year. Series referring to earlier years can be obtained from Rijkswaterstaat, which is part of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. These time series are solely based on police accident reports.

Mobility scooters

Figures related to mobility scooters are included in the category ‘motorised vehicles for disabled people’. As of 2009, there have only been traffic deaths among mobility scooter riders in this category.


E-bikes are bicycles powered by an electric motor. The number of e-bike fatalities is being recorded by CBS as of 2016. The number of e-bike deaths mentioned in this news release are a lower limit. CBS has to rely on the type of bicycle mentioned in the Public Prosecutor's official report or on the medical certificate of cause of death. Often, no distinction is made between regular bicycles and e-bikes here. In this case, these cycling fatalities are included in the category of regular bicycles.

Mopeds and light mopeds

This category includes speed pedelecs, as this type of bicycle is classified as a moped with the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW).