Environmental sector

The environmental sector consists of private enterprises and public entities which produce goods and services aimed at protecting the environment and managing natural resources. Environmental protection activities include for example measurement, prevention and repair of environmental damage caused by air, water and soil pollution. Other examples are the processing of waste, waste water treatment, limiting noise nuisance and the protection of nature and the landscape. Management of natural resources includes the production of energy-saving and CO2-reducing technologies, products and services, such as the production of renewable energy, electrical transport, and insulation work. In addition, activities such as water management and recycling of materials are classified under management of natural resources.

This definition of the environmental sector (Environmental Goods and Services Sector, EGSS) has been established at the European level and is applied as such by all EU countries.

The flash estimate for 2021 is a model-based estimate of the share in GDP, compiled for the Monitor of Well-being. Further details over 2021 are not available as yet.