Personal Records Database (BRP) registration

The figures contained in this news release are based on data from the Personal Records Database (BRP) as received by CBS on a daily basis. CBS counted the number of individuals who have come to the Netherlands from Ukraine and have registered as such with a Dutch municipality. Persons coming from another country but with Ukrainian nationality were not taken into account in this news release. Up to now, the CBS registers include nearly 400 such persons.

In general, some time elapses between the actual date of registration and the moment when this data reaches CBS. This news release covers data known to CBS as at Thursday 7 April. Data on the most recent full week (in this case week 13, i.e. until 3 April inclusive) are therefore still incomplete; data on the week starting 4 April are only included up to 7 April. Normally, 85 percent is known of all registrations in the previous week. This process may be faster for refugees from Ukraine.