Service exports

  • Transport services: includes transport by sea, air, road and by inland waterway, but also other types of transport (transport by rail, spacecraft and pipeline, and transport of electricity) as well as postal and courier services. This concerns both passenger and freight transport as well as ancillary transport services.
  • Telecommunications services: includes transmission or broadcasting of sound, images, data or other information via telephone, telex, telegraph, cable, fibre optic cable, satellite, mobile telephony services and internet access services.
  • Computer services: includes hardware, software and data processing services, purchase and sale of property rights and software licence fees.
  • Information services: includes the provision of news, photographs, thematic broadcasts and special reports to the media, database design, data storage and data dissemination.
  • Business services: includes R&D services; professional and management consulting services; and technical, trade-related and other business services.
  • Professional and management consulting services: includes legal services; accounting, auditing, bookkeeping and tax consulting services; business and management consulting and public relations services; and advertising, market research and public opinion polling.
  • Technical, trade-related and other business services: includes architectural, engineering, scientific and other technical services; waste treatment and environmental services; services incidental to agriculture, forestry and fishing; services incidental to mining, and oil and gas extraction; operational leasing; trade-related services; and other business services n.i.e.
  • Travel: includes services and goods acquired by travellers during their stay abroad of less than a year. Services and goods acquired by non-resident travellers in the Netherlands are treated as exports and services and goods acquired by Dutch travellers abroad are treated as imports.