Over 3 thousand companies exported to Russia in 2021

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In 2021, more than 3,000 enterprises in the Netherlands exported goods to Russia. Forty percent were active in wholesale trade and 10 percent in the machinery industry. Nearly 2 thousand enterprises imported goods from Russia. Among these companies, too, wholesale trade accounted for the largest share (nearly 30 percent), followed by the machinery industry (5 percent) and retail trade (4 percent). Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports this based on newly released figures

The number of exporters has been more or less stable around 3 thousand in recent years, while the number of importers increased by nearly 400 in 2021.

Trade with Russia mainly by large enterprises

Large enterprises - including Dutch subsidiaries of (foreign) corporations - are responsible for the lion’s share of trade with Russia in terms of both exports (nearly 85 percent) and imports (over 90 percent). The importance of large enterprises in trade with Russia is greater than in the trade with the rest of the world, both imports and exports.

Dutch enterprises trading with Russia by enterprise size, 2021
GroupCategoryLarge enterprises, incl. Dutch subsidiaries of (foreign) corporations (%)SMEs (10 to 249 employed persons) (%)SMEs (<10 employed persons) (%)
ImportsRest of the world2553536942943573
ExportsRest of the world3136117579135167

Mainly trade and manufacturing

The trade and manufacturing sectors account for over three quarters of the export value and over half of the import value. The main export products in manufacturing are medicines, other vehicles and plastics. In trade, these are raw vegetable products (mainly flowers), office equipment and medical instruments and devices.
The main imports in manufacturing are petroleum (products), coal, iron and steel. In trade as well, these are petroleum (products), followed by non-ferrous metals (on Russia’s side mainly copper), cork and wood.
A more detailed breakdown by sector shows that most business activities occur in manufacturing and trade. However, transport and storageas well as agriculture are also major exporters to Russia.

Exports to Russia by Dutch enterprises, main industries/sectors 1), 2021
 2021 (million euros)
Wholesale trade and commission trade1834
Storage, transport services801
Chemical industry440
Food industry270
Machinery industry254
Electrotechnical industry101
Repair and installation of machinery71
Metal products industry46
1) The figures on the pharmaceutical industry, motor vehicle and trailer industry, and holdings and management consultancies are confidential.

Russia the main trading partner for specific product groups

For nearly 5 percent of the companies with imports from or exports to Russia, more than half of their trade value depends on that country.

At product level, the dependence of companies on Russia is greater. Three out of 10 companies exporting to Russia depend on Russian customers for half of their exports in at least one product group. These are mainly wholesale of flowers and plants, other machinery and computers and software. As for imports, half of the companies that import goods from Russia are dependent on Russian suppliers in at least one product group. This mainly concerns the petroleum industry, wholesale trade in petroleum and coal, wholesale trade in chemical products, and electricity production.

Exports to Russia mainly from Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland and Noord-Brabant

In 2021, companies in the Netherlands exported more than 5 billion euros worth of goods to Russia. Two thirds of this amount was generated by companies located in Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland and Noord-Brabant. The most important export products for these provinces are semiconductor components (Noord-Holland), raw vegetable products (mainly flowers) (Zuid-Holland) and medical and pharmaceutical products, except for medicines (mainly immunological products) (Noord-Brabant). Exports were lowest from Flevoland.

Goods exports to Russia by province, 2021
provincieGoods exports (million euros)

The data in this news release are subject to the CBS confidentiality regulations. This means that figures from which data on individual companies can be derived will be kept confidential.
The data on international trade in goods are compiled based on VAT identification numbers of the Tax and Customs Administration/Customs. Not all VAT IDs can be linked to companies that are listed in the Dutch Commercial Register. Companies registered in the Netherlands account for three quarters of the value of Dutch exports to Russia and 60 percent of imports from Russia.