More domestic exports to the UK in Q1 2021

© Hollandse Hoogte / Robin Utrecht
In Q1 2021, the value of exports of Dutch-manufactured goods to the United Kingdom was 24 percent higher than in the same quarter last year. At the same time, re-exports to the UK declined by 26 percent. As a result, total exports to the UK remained virtually unchanged. Total goods exports grew by 5 percent in the first quarter of this year. This is evident from provisional figures on international goods trade released by Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

Exports of Dutch-made goods to the UK represented a total value of 5.7 billion euros in Q1. In the same period, re-exports were good for 3.2 billion euros. Last year, the Netherlands earned approximately 56 cents per euro in domestic goods exports to the UK, versus 14 cents per euro in re-exports.

Exports to the United Kingdom, Q1
JaarKwartaalDomestic exports (bn euros)Re-exports (bn euros)

Share of domestic exports to the UK increased

In Q1 2021, total exports of Dutch-manufactured goods grew by 8 percent, significantly less than the growth in exports to the UK (24 percent). This is partly because the share of petroleum and natural gas in exports was considerably larger than twelve months previously. Prices of oil and gas soared in Q1.

Partly as a result of these developments, the share of domestic exports to the UK rose from 6.5 percent (in Q1 2020) to 7.5 percent. Although this is 1 percentage point higher than in 2020, it is over 1 percentage point lower compared to the first quarter of 2016.

Domestic exports to the United Kingdom, Q1
JaarKwartaalShare of domestic exports (%)

Substantially higher exports of petroleum and natural gas

With an increase of 235 million euros, exporters of Dutch products destined for the UK sold mainly more petroleum and natural gas in Q1 2021. Exports of flowers and plants rose by 179 million euros. In addition, exports of medical devices and other medical supplies put on a spurt in the first three months of this year. On the other hand, exports of Dutch-manufactured passenger cars to the UK lagged considerably behind the first quarter of 2020.

Main increases and decreases in domestic exports to the UK, Q1 2021
Producten (million euros, year-on-year change)
Petroleum and natural gas235
Flowers and plants179
Specialised machinery99
Computers, office appliances83
Medical instruments and devices66
Passenger cars-107
Ships and vessels-32
Generators and engines-21