Horticulture and Starting Materials Chain

The Horticulture and Starting Materials (T&U) Chain covers the entire horticultural chain from building the greenhouses, growing the seeds to auctioning vegetables, fruit and flowers. The first subsector, primary production, consists of all companies within the primary production of horticulture and starting materials, such as the cultivation of seeds, vegetables and ornamental plants. The companies in the primary production chain are clustered in the subsector Other. This subsector consists of suppliers to the greenhouse horticulture sector, such as greenhouse growers, service providers within the horticulture sector, post-harvest treatment companies for seeds and crops, wholesalers and auctions within the horticulture sector and, finally, research and development work for the horticulture sector.
These are the direct contributions of the T&U chain. Indirect contributions also arise from contributions from companies outside the Chain that benefit from the Chain. These are suppliers to the T&U chain and distribution for the T&U chain.