Survey questions

The second extra set of questions as part of the Business Survey about the possible impact of the COVID-19 crisis on businesses was sent out at the beginning of May; responses from business owners were received over the course of May. The relaxation of several COVID-19-related measures as was announced in the course of May is thus reflected in the responses from business owners.
The three questions asked were:
How long do you think the COVID-19 crisis can last before your business continuity is affected?
The response categories were:
- - For 0-2 months
- - For 3-5 months
- - For 6-11 months
- - For 12 months or more
- - It’s impossible to say

What are the most important measures taken by your company to ward off the effects of the economic downturn due to the the coronavirus crisis? (maximum 2 answers)
The response categories were:
- Implement the 1.5 metre rule in business operations and work processes
- Heighten price competition / more intensive marketing
- Cost reduction
- Modify your product/service (e.g. quality, delivery)
- Innovation/development of new products/services/processes
- Serve other markets/target groups
- None; our company does not (yet) consider it necessary to take such measures
Which of the situations described below regarding deployment of staff amid the corona crisis applies best to your company? (maximum 2 answers)

The response categories were:
- Deploy fewer self-employed and temporary contract workers due to lower business activity
- Increased deployment of self-employed and temporary contract workers (due to absenteeism among own staff)
- All staff or a majority of staff are working from home
- A majority of the staff are unable to work from home due to the nature of the activities
- Applications for NOW/reduced working hours on behalf of all or part of the workforce
- Contract termination for all or part of the workforce
- No change in situation