Concluded marriages

For this news release, provisional figures cover the period up to week 20 of 2020 inclusive. For the sake of comparison with previous years, marriages concluded abroad are not taken into account. These figures usually take more time to get processed. However, the number is expected to be lower this year even for such weddings, and the difference from last year expected to be greater in the final figures.

The number of concluced marriages depends not only on the day of the week, but also on the type of day. Virtually no weddings take place on a public holiday. This is why, in charts showing the average number of concluded marriages per day of the week, the total number of concluded unions on any given date is divided by the number of days available in the period under review. Since public holidays such as King’s Day, Easter, Liberation Day and Ascension Day are not counted towards the available dates, this means no account has been taken of such days.  For example: the number of weddings on the Mondays of weeks 12 to 20 inclusive was not divided by 9 to obtain the average over nine weeks, but by 8, given Easter Monday. For 2020, the number has been divided by 7 as King’s Day also fell on a Monday. For the same reason, the number of Saturdays in 2019 was divided by 8 instead of 9.