Health Monitor

In both the Health Survey and the Health Monitor, respondents are asked about their own body height and weight. The following questions were asked:
• How tall are you? This means your height in centimetres, excluding shoes.
• How much do you weigh? This means your weight in whole kilograms, excluding clothes.
In case of pregnancy, it means the weight as it was before the pregnancy.
The CBS Health Survey is an annual survey which has been conducted since 1981. Questions about height and weight have been included in the questionnaire since the beginning of the survey. As of 2014, they are part of the Lifestyle Monitor collaboration project between CBS, the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and a number of other lifestyle institutes.
The Health Monitor is a joint research project held by the Association of Community Health Services (GGD Nederland), the RIVM and CBS. It is conducted once every four years. The scope of the Health Monitor is much larger than that of the Health Survey. The Health Monitor is therefore well-suited for the production of figures on e.g. smaller regions, such as provinces.