A number of sectors are not included in the analysis as described in this news release, namely services, electricity companies, water and waste management, petroleum, repair and installation of machinery and equipment, and mining and quarrying.
- the services sector and the sector repair and installation were not taken into account because they produce services and hardly any products. However, they do emit waste during their production processes. This results in a distorted picture of the respective shares in waste emissions.
- electricity companies were not included because the output of this sector is not products in kilograms, but electricity in kWh and CO2 emissions.
- water and waste management, which includes the sector “Preparation for recycling”, is not included in the analysis because the main activity of this sector is the collection of waste from third parties and the processing of this waste into secondary materials, which can be utilised by other sectors.
- petroleum and mining and quarrying are sectors which do not use any recycled materials.