Cultural and media products

Cultural and media products not only include all primary cultural and media products themselves (based on the values ‘creation’ and ‘cultural expression’), but also those goods and services which would not exist without these primary cultural and media products. Some examples of primary cultural and media products are museum and library services, books, architectural services, advertisements, radio and TV programmes, theatre productions, online games and photography.

Examples of supporting cultural and media products include musical instruments, cameras, radio and TV sets, and book binding and printing machines. That being the case, in this satellite account culture and media include not only traditional culture (museums, libraries, performing arts, etc.) but also the media (radio, TV, newspapers and magazines, etc.) and creative industries (architecture, design, advertising, etc.).

Furthermore, some goods and services have been included which do not classify as cultural or media products but which are inextricably linked to culture and media. These include shops and cafés at museums and investments in museum buildings, for example.