Perceptions 2017

In the survey Perceptions 2017, adults in the Netherlands were asked for their opinions on the environment. Some of the statements used in this survey are the following:
• Air, soil and water are severely polluted.
• Nature has been badly damaged.
• I am willing to pay higher taxes in order to improve the environment.

The following response categories were given: (1) completely agree, (2) agree, (3) neither agree nor disagree, (4) disagree, (5) completely disagree. In publications, these categories are merged into (completely) agree / disagree, neither agree nor disagree (neutral) / (completely) disagree.

In addition, the following question was asked: “To which extent are you concerned about the environment?” The options to answer were: extremely concerned / very concerned / slightly concerned / rarely concerned / not concerned. To those who are extremely, very or slightly concerned, the following question was asked: “Are you mainly concerned about the environment in your own surroundings, the global environment or both?” with the following options to answer: mainly in own surroundings / mainly global / both.