GDP Caribbean Netherlands increased in 2015

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On all three islands of the Caribbean Netherlands, gross domestic product (GDP) expanded in 2015. The highest growth rate was seen on Bonaire with 3.0 percent, rising to a total GDP value of 415 million US dollars. On St Eustatius, the GDP value rose by 2.1 percent to 102 million US dollars, while on Saba GDP grew by 1.6 percent to a value of 47 million US dollars. The collective GDP of these three Dutch Caribbean islands therefore stood at 564 million US dollars in 2015.

Aside from its value, the volume of GDP also increased. GDP volume change refers to developments in the value of GPD, adjusted for price changes. On Bonaire, the GDP volume rose by 3.4 percent, on St Eustatius by 3.2 percent and on Saba by 1.2 percent. The price correction is based on price indices for household consumption.

 BonaireSt EustatiusSaba

GDP per capita highest on St Eustatius

The highest GDP per capita in 2015 was recorded on St Eustatius at 26,600 US dollars. GDP per capita on Saba and Bonaire amounted to 24,900 and 21,700 US dollars, respectively.
Since 2012 when measurement of GDP by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) in the Caribbean Netherlands began, GDP per capita has grown fastest on Saba. The value of GDP per capita there rose by 16.4 percent: from 21,400 US dollars in 2012 to 24,900 US dollars in 2015. On St Eustatius, the value of GDP per capita rose in 2015 relative to 2012 by 1.1 percent. On Bonaire, the value of GDP per capita fell slightly, namely by 0.9 percent, from 21,900 US dollars in 2012 to 21,700 US dollars in 2015.

GDP per capita
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This year, the time series (2012-2015) of GDP per island will also be published on StatLine.