Greece relatively cheapest for holidays

© Hollandse Hoogte / Peter de Krom
Out of the five most popular summer holiday destinations, Greece has the cheapest hotels and restaurants. Prices are 19 percent lower in Greece than the average across the European Union. By contrast, price levels at Dutch hotels and restaurants are more than 9 percent higher than the EU average. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports this based on new figures released by Eurostat on prices over 2016.

In France – the number one Dutch tourist destination – hotel rates and restaurant meals are even more expensive than in the Netherlands. Average prices in France are 17 percent higher than across the EU. Hotels and restaurants are slightly cheaper in Germany than in the Netherlands. Germany is followed by Italy, Spain and Greece.

Price difference with EU average of hotels and restaurants in 5 most popular summer holiday destinations and the Netherlands, 2016
 Price compared to EU

The cheapest dining and accommodation in Europe can be found in Albania, where prices are 60 percent below the European level. The most expensive European country is Switzerland with prices at 67 percent above average.

French supermarkets relatively expensive

France is the most popular but also the most expensive holiday destination of the five with high prices for accommodation and meals, as well as for food products. Food bought at the supermarket is 12 percent more expensive than the EU average. Among the top five holiday destinations, the cheapest country for daily groceries is Spain, where food products are lower in price than in the Netherlands.

In the other four countries, supermarkets are more expensive than in the Netherlands. Prices for food in Dutch supermarkets are therefore relatively low: last year, they were just above the average EU price level and just under the average in 2015.

Difference of food prices with EU average in 5 most popular summer destinations and the Netherlands, 2016
 Price compared to EU average

Switzerland most expensive in Europe

Food prices in Switzerland are on average 73 percent higher than the European average. Clothing is also relatively expensive in this non-EU country and costs 43 percent more than in the EU; only Iceland has even higher prices (63%). Cheap European countries are Macedonia (food products are 42 percent cheaper), Turkey (clothing is 38 percent cheaper) and Albania (hotels and restaurants are 60 percent cheaper).