Harvested area

The total area for asparagus cultivation comprises an area in full production and an area which has not yet reached full production. During the first year, asparagus seeds are grown into plants. Then the plants are grubbed up and subsequently replanted in production beds. In the second year, the plants are left untouched. In the third year asparagus shoots are harvested during one to two weeks. In the fourth year, half is harvested over a period of about four weeks, and in the following years the full crop is harvested in about eight weeks. The harvested area is where the asparagus is harvested.
Traditionally, the Dutch asparagus season runs from the second Thursday in April to 24 June (Saint John), lasting eight to nine weeks. After this season, the plants are left untouched so they can gather strength and build up reserves for the next season. After six to ten years, the soil becomes less fertile and production starts to decline due to soil fatigue as the asparagus plant becomes prone to fungal infection. The soil takes 25 to 30 years to recover,before it is fit again to grow asparagus.