Volume of exports to Scotland relatively low

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Out of all Dutch goods exported to the United Kingdom in 2015, 3 percent were destined for Scotland. Wales and Northern Ireland were also relatively small buyers of Dutch goods, with export shares of 1.5 and 1.2 percent respectively. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports this in the latest Internationalisation Monitor, the first edition of 2017. This quarterly publication, commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, focuses on the economic relations between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Of the goods imported from the United Kingdom, a little over 7 percent originated from Scotland. Scotland is one of the few countries that has a trade surplus with the Netherlands. In 2015, this trade surplus amounted to approximately 176 million euros. Exports to the Netherlands totalled 1.3 billion euros, while imports from the Netherlands amounted to 1.1 billion euros.

Scotland has a minor share in the international trading of goods by the Netherlands. The Netherlands is as a relatively large trade partner to Scotland. Around 7 percent of Scottish imports come from the Netherlands. Of Scottish exports, slightly more than 5 percent are destined for the Netherlands. In 1999, this was as much as over 20 percent. The lower share in exports is mainly due to the practical disappearance of office equipment exports to the Netherlands.

Dutch share in Scotland's international trade
 Scottish exportsScottish imports

Mainly petroleum from Scotland

Petroleum and petroleum products are Scotland’s main export products. In 2015, their value amounted to 380 million euros. Medicinal and pharmaceutical products comprise the second-largest group of export products, with a value of 169 million euros in 2015. The share of electrical equipment, machinery and beverages dispatched to the Netherlands is relatively high as well.

Office equipment is the main exported product from the Netherlands to Scotland. A substantial decline is also seen in this area, compared to the year 2000. Fodder is the second-largest product exported to Scotland. Manufactured goods, machinery and electrical equipment are other types of products that cross the North Sea.

Value of trade between the Netherlands and Scotland, 2015
 Series 0
Imports from Scotland
Crude petroleum and petroleum products379.6
Medicinal and pharmaceutical products169.4
Electrical equipment86.2
Miscellaneous machinery69.6
Exports to Scotland
Office machines147
Various manufactures69.1
Miscellaneous machinery62.1
Electrical equipment60.5

Export concentrated in south-eastern corner of England

Dutch exports to the United Kingdom are strongly focused on those regions that are geographically close to the Netherlands. More than half of Dutch exports were destined for one of the south-eastern regions: London, South East England or East England. Not only are these three regions closest to the Netherlands, but they also have several large ports and are the economic heart of the United Kingdom. Nearly half of United Kingdom’s gross domestic product comes from these regions. The share of exports to these regions (55 percent) is larger than the share in United Kingdom’s GDP (48 percent).