Slightly fewer bankruptcies in January

10/02/2017 15:00
The number of companies declared bankrupt dropped slightly in January, by 7 relative to December 2016. In December, the number of bankruptcies fell by 85. In January, most bankruptcies were filed in the trade sector.

Number of bankruptcies of businesses and institutions (excluding one-man businesses), corrected for court session days

Erratic trend

Adjusted for court session days, the number of bankruptcies peaked in May 2013 and subsequently started to decline over a period lasting until August 2016, when it dipped to its lowest level since August 2008. This was followed by an upward trend lasting several months, after which the declining trend resumed in December and subsequently in January 2017.

Most bankruptcies recorded in trade sector

If the number of court session days is not taken into account, 371 businesses and institutions (excluding one-man businesses) were declared bankrupt in January 2017. With a total of 83 the trade sector was hit the hardest. In the financial sector, 67 bankruptcies were filed.

Trade and financial services are among the sectors with the highest number of businesses. In January, the number of bankruptcies was relatively high in the sector transport and storage.

Number of bankruptcies of businesses and institutions (excluding one-man businesses) by sector

The numbers in this publication are provisional and can be adjusted.

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