Natural products important for trade with Indonesia

19/04/2016 15:45
In recent years, Dutch firms have imported more natural products from Indonesia. Imports of vegetable fats and oils such as palm oil have gone up especially. The spice trade with Indonesia has declined, however.

Imports of vegetable fats and oils were about twice the volume of imported organic chemicals. Over the past ten years, the import value of vegetable fats and oils has risen from 288 to 666 million euros and accounts for 26 percent of all imports (2,538 million euros). Total exports of Dutch products to Indonesia stood at 730 million euros in 2015.

Top five import products from Indonesia, 2015

Spices sourced in China now

Indonesia has traditionally been the largest supplier of spices to the Netherlands, but since 2013, spices have increasingly been sourced in China. Total spice imports were 321 million euros in 2015, of which 43 million euros in imports were from Indonesia and 48 million from China.

Shares of Indonesia and China in spice imports

More about Dutch trade relations with Indonesia can be found on the fact sheet ‘Netherlands and Indonesia’.