St Eustatius has highest income level in the Caribbean Netherlands


With 26.3 thousand US dollars per household, the highest disposable income in the Caribbean Netherlands in 2013 was recorded on St Eustatius. Compared to 2012, the median disposable income on Bonaire rose marginally in 2013, but households on St Eustatius and Saba saw their incomes decline. Incomes fell most dramatically on St Eustatius. Annually, households on Bonaire had 22.9 thousand dollars to spend and the median income on Saba was 23.4 thousand dollars as data provided by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) show. CBS has surveyed the median disposable income in the Caribbean Netherlands for 2013.

Largest income inequality on St Eustatius

Income inequality is most obvious on St Eustatius. If the 25 percent of highest household incomes are added up, the sum is more than 11 times as high as the sum of the 25 percent of lowest incomes, versus just over 9.5 times on Bonaire and more than 8 times on Saba, where income differences are less distinct.

Median disposable income by income bracket, 2013*

40 to 60-year-olds on St Eustatius have highest incomes

On each of the three islands, the main breadwinner  in the highest income households is aged somewhere between 40 and 60. People in this age category have more work experience than their younger colleagues and usually occupy better jobs and earn higher wages. With 32 thousand dollars, people in this category living on St Eustatius have the highest median income. On Bonaire and Saba, the median incomes in this category were 26.9 thousand and 27 thousand dollars respectively.

Median disposable income by age category, 2013*

Highest incomes over-60s on Bonaire and Saba

If the household’s main breadwinner reaches retirement age, their incomes are usually reduced and they need to rely on old age and supplementary pension schemes. The fall in income is most substantial on St Eustatius. With 17.1 thousand dollars, the median income level is evidently lower than on Bonaire and Saba, where over-60s can rely on 21.7 thousand and 20.9 thousand dollars respectively.