Sustained turnover growth for sector hotels and restaurants

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Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports today that hotels, restaurants, snack bars and pubs saw turnover rise by 1.3 percent in the third quarter of 2015 compared to the second quarter. Turnover results achieved in the sector hotels and restaurants have improved continuously over the past two and a half years. The hotel branch in particular performed well. Volume, the number of refreshments and overnight stays rose by 1 percent.

Turnover and volume developments sector hotels and restaurants (seasonally adjusted)

Turnover results hotel branch 3.1 percent up

With a turnover growth of 3.1 percent, hotels performed best. According to a first estimate conducted by CBS, hotels accommodated more domestic and foreign tourists in the third quarter.

Pubs realised a 0.7 percent turnover growth relative to the second quarter; the number of refreshments sold in the third quarter also rose marginally. In the past three quarters, pub customers purchased more refreshments. In the period 2006-2014, pubs had to cope with declining sales volumes. Restaurants accounted for a 0.7 percent turnover growth. Snack bars (including tearooms and ice cream parlours) accounted for a 0.6 percent turnover growth.

Turnover in the sector hotels and restaurants increased mainly because more refreshments were sold and more overnight stays were booked. Price increases were less relevant.

Turnover and volume developments sector hotels and restaurants (seasonally adjusted), Q3 2015

* Volume developments hotels not available

Turnover sector hotels and restaurants up more than 6 percent from one year previously

The sector hotels and restaurants boasted a year-on-year turnover growth by more than 6 percent in the third quarter. All branches achieved turnover growth. With 8.2 percent, hotels accounted for the highest growth rate, followed by restaurants with nearly 7 percent. Pubs recorded a turnover growth by 3.3 percent, largely due to higher prices. Prices of drinks were more than 2 percent up from one year previously. On average, prices in the sector were more than 1 percent above the level of one year previously.