Consumer-oriented producers optimistic about 2016


Producers selling directly to consumers are optimistic about their turnover results for 2016. Optimism prevails in the retail sector, the travel industry, the sector hotels and restaurants and the automotive sector. All these sectors anticipate better turnover results for 2016, according to Statistics Netherlands.

In the retail sector, accommodation providers, like hotels and holiday parks and travel agencies and organisations show more optimism than other sectors. On balance 46 percent of retailers expect turnover to rise next year, versus 28 percent in the entire private sector.

Optimism among consumer-oriented producers is consistent with growing consumer confidence and household consumption. In October, consumer confidence reached the highest level of the last eight years. Consumer confidence grew because purchasing power is improving after years of decline, the labour market is slowly improving and the situation on the housing market is also picking up.

Turnover expectations for 2016

Retail trade most optimistic about turnover in 2016

Retailers are most optimistic about their anticipated turnover results for 2016. More than 60 percent of supermarkets and department stores expect turnover to rise in 2016, versus 40 percent of consumer electronics shops. These percentages are above the average level in the private sector (37 percent). Online retailers are less often optimistic: 20 percent of market retailers and 16 percent of online retailers anticipate better turnover results. Over two-thirds of retailers think turnover results will not change.

Better results travel operators and hotels and restaurants sector

Part of service providers in the sector hotels and restaurants are also very positive. Hotel operators and  holiday home rental agencies also expect higher turnover results in 2016. More than half of them expect turnover to grow. Restaurant operators and pub owners are less often optimistic. Only one-quarter of them expect to achieve better turnover results in 2016.
The mood among travel operators is also positive: more than 40 percent of travel agencies and organisations expect turnover to increase in 2016; only 5 percent think turnover will decline.

Automotive sector anticipates highest turnover in past four years

On average, car and motorcycle dealers are less positive, although optimism is increasing. More than 30 percent of them anticipate turnover growth in 2016 and nearly 56 percent expect no change. Optimism has not been so high in the past four years. With nearly 45 percent, traders in automotive parts and components have the highest proportion of optimists, garage owners have the lowest proportionn (nearly 22 percent).

Employment expectations for 2016

Employment expectations more favourable than in previous year

For the first time in four years, expectations with respect to employment in travel agencies and organisations are positive. On balance, more than 13 percent of travel agencies and organisations expect employment will improve in 2016. Apart from canteens and providers of catering services, all branches in the sector hotels and restaurants are optimistic. Retailers are less positive about employment in 2016. On balance, only 3 percent expect to take on new staff. Supermarkets, department stores, petrol stations , consumer electronics shops and pure online retailers expect employment to decline. Among car and motorcycle dealers, the  majority think employment will fall, but the number of pessimists is lower than in the preceding years.

Percentage retailers expecting turnover results to improve in 2016