Multinational companies play prominent part in Dutch economy

Multinational companies account for 40 percent of jobs in the Dutch private sector ,for two-thirds of total private sector turnover and for over 80 percent of international goods trade, as Statistics Netherlands (CBS) announced today in the Internationalisation Monitor.On the basis of these facts, the small league of internationally operating companies is of vital importance for the Dutch economy.

Importance foreign and Dutch multinationals in the Netherlands, 2013

Multinationals provide nearly 2 million jobs

Multinational companies are important for the Dutch labour market. In 2013, multinationals accounted for a total of 1.9 million jobs in the Netherlands. With 1 million jobs, Dutch multinationals accounted for just over half of all jobs provided by multinational companies, despite the fact that only about 1 percent of all companies active in the Netherlands are foreign multinationals and another 1 percent are Dutch multinationals with subsidiaries abroad. Tata Steel (formerly known as Koninklijke Hoogovens), LIDL and V&D (Sun Capital) are instances of foreign multinationals. AkzoNobel, Philips and Ahold are instances of Dutch multinationals. Earlier, CBS already reported that - since the onset of the economic crisis in 2008 - fewer jobs were lost in companies operating on an international level. 

Multinationals account for two-thirds of total turnover generated by the Dutch private sector

Multinationals also make a substantial contribution to total turnover generated by the Dutch private sector; foreign multinationals generate 40 percent, Dutch multinationals 25 percent. In 2013, foreign multinationals accounted for approximately half of Dutch imports and exports of goods. Dutch multinationals accounted for one-third of exports and 30 percent of imports.