0.8 percent turnover growth for retail trade sector in January

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Statistics Netherlands announced today that retail turnover was 0.8 percent up in January 2015 from January 2014. Turnover started to grow in 2014 and the upward trend continues in 2015. The volume of sales grew further in January; retail prices fell slightly faster than in the preceding months. Food, drinks and tobacco shops and non-food shops boasted better turnover and volume results.

Shopping-day pattern has marginal positive effect

January 2015 had one Thursday less and one Saturday more than January 2014. In general, Saturday is a better day for retailers than Thursday. After correction for this effect, retail turnover was just above the level of one year previously. Volume grew slightly.

Supermarkets account for higher turnover and volume figures in food sector

Food, drinks and tobacco shops in particular achieved turnover and volume growth in January. Consumer spending was nearly 3 percent up; volume grew by more than 3 percent. Supermarkets entirely accounted for the growth. Specialist shops faced marginal loss of turnover. For the first time in six months, prices in food, drinks and tobacco shops were lower. See the news release on inflation In January, Statistics Netherlands already reported that supermarkets offered higher discounts on food products.

Results non-food sector vary considerably

Non-food shops also showed turnover and volume growth relative to January last year. Turnover and sales grew by more than 1 percent and approximately 3 percent respectively. The various branches in the non-food sector showed considerable variation. Consumer electronics shops, home furnishing shops and chemist shops generated turnover growth relative to twelve months previously, but DIY shops, household appliances shops, home furnishing shops, clothes shops and textile supermarkets posted lower turnover figures. Prices of non-food commodities continued to fall. Due to the mild weather conditions in winter, clothing prices were reduced more than usual during the sales.

Turnover results mail-order firms and online shops

Mail-order firms and online shops boasted a turnover growth of more than 9 percent relative to January 2014. The growth was marginally below the level recorded in the past months.
Retail trade sector improves further but other European countries perform better
With the modest growth in January, the retail sector continues the upward trend begun in 2014. Statistics Netherlands recently published on this subject.
Despite the recent growth figures, Dutch retailers still underperform compared to their colleagues in many other European countries like Belgium and Germany.