Number of corporate bankruptcies fairly stable

According to Statistics Netherlands, 470 businesses and institutions (excluding one-man businesses) were declared bankrupt in February this year, i.e. 7 down from the preceding month. The number of bankruptcies decreased by 139 (23 percent) relative to February 2014.

More bankruptcies in financial services, fewer in trade

With 94 and 90 respectively, most bankruptcies were filed in the sectors financial services and trade. In the trade sector, the number of bankruptcies fell by more than one-third, in the sector financial services by one-quarter. In the construction sector, 62 businesses were declared bankrupt in February, an increase by 41 percent compared to January.

The sectors trade and financial services include the highest number of businesses. The highest bankruptcy rates were recorded in the sectors construction, rental services and trade in real estate and transport and storage.

Downward trend

As the number of businesses declared bankrupt in a particular month is closely related to the number of days courts are in session, it may vary considerably from one month to the next. Therefore, the three-month moving average is a more reliable indicator.

The three-month moving average stood at 489 in February, versus 495 in January. The average has fallen noticeable after a peak in mid-2013 and is currently at the lowest level since September 2011.   

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